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Securing our homes together

We should all feel safe in our homes and neighborhoods. Unfortunately, we are becoming more isolated, we are becoming less aware of the concerns in our own communities, and we have become less knowledgeable about how to address safety and security issues.

We can turn this around. Connected communities can reduce crime levels and can increase the ability to report eyewitness accounts.

The WeAlert app lets you connect with your neighbors easily.  Stay informed about your community and share safety and security concerns. It will empower you and your community to do something about crime in your neighborhood. You will have a powerful tool for preventing crime and catching those who could harm you and your loved ones.

With WeAlert we can take action together.


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Empower your community with technology

One simple button to alert your neighbors about suspicious people, burglaries, vandalism and missing persons. Share valuable information about security issues in your neighborhood. Secure your homes with the power of your peers and help each other out when there is danger. Know that your community cares.


Download the app. Simply sign up with email or Facebook. Fill in your zip code or postcode and join your neighborhood group automatically. No need for sharing phone numbers. The only thing your neighbors can see is your screen name.


Share the app with your community and strengthen your neighborhood. More connected eyes and ears means less of a chance for criminals. You are not alone, together we can make our world safer.


Step-by-step guidance when making an alert. You will only send and receive structured alerts with the right information. The app will help you include information your neighbors can act upon.

Stay informed

Get notified by neighbors or share alerts when something happens in your vicinity. Together we can make our homes safer. We can prevent and solve crimes by staying informed, so that we can help each other when needed.

US and UK Launch

Manchester (US) and Norwich (UK) are the first cities to try out the app. The app has already proven its worth in the Netherlands and for the first time it is available in both the US and the UK. After piloting in Manchester and Norwich the app will be accessible nationwide. Not from Norwich or Manchester (US)? But anxious to try it out in your community?


Prevent crime by keeping your eyes and ears open and inform your neighbors about security issues.

Stay informed

Stay informed about security issues in your neighborhood. Get notifications when it matters without sharing your phone number.


Communication is focused on local safety and security, no chit chat. Alerts are guided and structured, preventing them from becoming off topic.

Easy set up

Easy to set up in your neighborhood. Just invite others to download the app and your neighborhood groups will grow and prosper.

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